Weekly In-Store Tastings

The Skinny

Red Dog Wine & Spirits makes choosing Wine, Spirits and High Gravity Beer fun and educational each week with our Weekly In-Store Tastings. (Did we mention that they are free?) Each Thursday night we have our Beer Thursday Tastings with at least four High Gravity Beers ready for you to try. We also have Weekend Tastings every Friday and Saturday with at least five Wines that range in style, grape and price point. The weekend tasting menu also includes a Red Dog Cocktail Creation that showcases creative and tasty ways to use the spirits you already have at home or some that you might want to add to your bar.

Why Tastings?

Tastings are a great way to try before you buy, learn about new products and have some fun. Come alone or bring a friend or two. We want to put the fun into wine buying. In addition to our weekly Thursday-Saturday tastings, we frequently have special guests including wine and spirit makers. We love these tastings because they are such a great opportunity to learn direct from the source!

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