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Local Goodness

Located at 1031 Riverside Drive, Red Dog Wine and Spirits is a “Franklin original” with deep roots in the community. Red Dog’s selection is one of the largest in Franklin, TN, and is well-stocked with more than 1,700 Wines, 300 plus Whiskies, a wide range of Spirits and Craft Beers including a 20 tap Growler Filling Station. Red Dog also offers a large selection of local meats and prepared foods perfect for pairing with your drink selections. Red Dog is your total wine and spirits destination in Middle Tennessee.



Red Dog's History

Red Dog Wine & Spirits is the vision of owner, Bard Quillman, Jr. a resident of Franklin, Tennessee, since 1989. Like many Malt drinkers, he started with blended Scotch and water, the gateway Scotch. He worked his way into Single Malts and found himself “Scotch Hunting” at local stores. He read a lot of books about “all things Scotch” and became frustrated with the lack of selection around Franklin and Nashville.

In 2000, Bard’s banking role in Franklin, TN, led him to an opportunity to buy a Wine and Spirits store. He took the existing store and moved it to a more convenient location and gave it new life and purpose as Red Dog Wine and Spirits.

In a nutshell, Red Dog Wine & Spirits was truly born of Bard’s passion for Single Malt Scotch, food and Wine pairing, and his love of making Franklin a more enjoyable place to live.

20 Tap Growler Filling Station!

What's on Tap?!


Fill 'er up!

The Red Dog Growler Filling Station is now serving 20 taps of both high and low gravity beers from Tennessee and well beyond. Select from one of our Red Dog 32oz or 64oz glass growlers, 32oz Crowler cans, or 64oz reusable Eco-Growler. Of course you are also welcome to bring your own clean growler for us to fill. 

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Try before you buy!




Red Dog Wine & Spirits makes choosing Wine, Spirits and Craft Beer fun, easy and educational each week with our Weekly In-Store Tastings.

Each Thursday night we have our Beer Thursday Tastings featuring a variety of Craft Beers ready for you to try.

We also have Weekend Tastings every Friday and Saturday that can feature Wines, Spirits, and/or Craft Beers that range in style and price point. 

Did we mention that they are free?